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Gene White Memorial

In loving memory of Gene White - founder of The Western White House, LLC



Gene Roger White - Born in 1942 in Page County, Iowa, Gene was the youngest of 6 children. Born on the farm, he grew up on the back of a horse having to ride to and from school. Gene served in the Navy from 1960-1964. Gene, Shirley and the kids - Chris, Karie & Ty settled in Sidney, NE in 1986. The family were members of the local saddle club and enjoyed helping the neighbors with cattle work. In 1996 Gene joined SASS and Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Being hooked on the sport one of the first things Gene realized was the quality of the ammo being used for Cowboy Mounted Shootiing. He knew the sport needed a more consistant ammo to use and so with the support of fellow shooters and his family he founded The Western White House Ammo. After testing ammunition they finally came up with the "SILVER BULLET". Gene and family also developed the Half Load which is much quieter for horse training. Gene and The Western White House worked hard to help new clubs and new shooters get started. Gene donated ammo for prizes and awards, contributed to scholarship funds and delivered ammo when possible to cut down on shipping costs. He was always a door knock or phone call away and ready to help where ever needed. Gene sadly passed away Sept 5, 2013.

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